TakeOut4Schools is a company that was created by two young chefs, Tinisi Young and Angel Kirkman in 2014 in New York City. The chefs have a large family and the idea came when their kids were always complaining about their school lunch for the day when they got home.  Since the two are culinary graduates, they put their brains together and created TakeOut4Schools. 

   The goal is to enable children to have a healthy and delicious meal everyday while in school.  This helps to ensure the children are excelling in their school work and energetic during the long school hours. We give the nutritional tools needed to help children stay focus and learn. TakeOut4Schools gives the parents the power to control their child's diet and not have to worry about what their child will eat while attending school. Parents can customize their child's menu to their liking. Whether the child is lactose intolerant, needs a low sodium or gluten free menu, etc. TakeOut4Schools can cater to ANY need! We know how picky children are! So worry no more and let TakeOut4Schools cater to you!